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Eric the Red

Site Updates

  1. I made a new Twitter account exclusively for the discussion of minimates, customs, comics, and more. Just this morning I posted a new commission custom that was too inappropriate to share on the Multiverse. It is definitely worth a look. I will also be posting sneak previews of all my upcoming box sets. To start following these updates, click on the shiny twitter icon on the right, or click here: The Minimate Factory on Twitter
  2. I added a few new decals to my gallery, including the Eric the Red pictured above. Remember, if you have any decals to share please contact me and I will set up a gallery for you.
  3. I also added a new tutorial called Applying Waterslide Decals. Since my older decal tips have gotten buried in the archives, I wrote a new tutorial describing the full process. If you haven’t tried using decals yet, check out the tutorial to see how easy it is: Applying Waterslide Decals

Tips and Tricks

  1. Have you ever forgotten a wet paint brush on your desk, and came back later to find it dried out? Don’t throw it away! It is possible to revive it. Put a small amount of Goof-Off on an old rag. Wrap this part of the rag around the base of the brush bristles and apply pressure with your fingertips. Pull the rag from the base of the brush to the tip. Repeat this process about a dozen times. You should feel the brush start to loosen again. You should be able to take the brush to the sink now and wash it with soap and water. You might find a few stray bristles that require more Goof-Off, and then your brush should be almost as good as new. It will never be quite the same as before, but at least it is usable again!
  2. Hobby knives can get dull over time. If you are cutting out decals  it is very important to have a sharp hobby knife. You will know because a dull knife will leave rough white edges around your decal design. If your decal base color matches the color of your minimate part, and you are using a sharp hobby knife, you will be able to apply with without having to paint around the edges. That will make your customs look more professional.
  3. CustomCon 23 starts next week! Once it goes live, the gallery link will be posted here. I entered a set of 4 minimates that I have been dying to show people.
  4. If you only have a cellphone camera for taking pictures of your customs, there are some good tips here. Basically, use good lighting, and take lots of pictures from different distances. You want to strike a balance between the super blurry up-close shots, and the “is there a minimate there?” far away shots.
  5. Jin Saotome is a well-known customizer who specializes in 6″ action figures. He has tons of helpful tutorials on his web site. They are geared toward larger figures, but some of the advice he offers can definitely be applied towards minimate customs. You can find all of the goodies here: Guides and Tutorials by Jin Saotome

That’s all for this update! So until next week, may your paint go on smoothly, and your Sharpie hand be steady and true.

Jin Saotome

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