Top 8 Best Current Minimates for Customizing

Certain Minimates get all the luck – tons of accessories, new parts, and pieces that are unique and yet generic enough to be used for other figures. Today I wanted to share 8 Minimates with you that are currently available, and come with some great parts for customizing.

#8-#5. Expendables Series 1 Box Set

Expendables Minimates Series 1

Every one of the Minimates in this set offers up some great customizing potential. First of all, they come with a TON of weapons. Second, the figures are sporting fairly generic outfits and armor. Third, they feature famous actor’s likenesses. I haven’t even seen the first Expendables movie, and I still kept two of these sets for myself.

#4. Deadpool Player 1

Deadpool comes with two swords, which are fairly rare for Minimates, and two silver guns. But that isn’t the reason he made this list. The real reason is that he is mostly RED, the most irritating color to paint. Here is a figure with red elbow, knee, neck, and hip joints. If you are working on a red character, this would make a great base, as you wouldn’t have to worry about paint rub in those areas. And you would save yourself at least 3 coats of paint.

#3. Series 44 Thor

With Thor, for customizing goodies you get two flesh colored arms, two red armbands, two thin boot pieces, long blonde hair, and a red cape. And even though it is very Thor specific, you get that amazing spinning hammer accessory, which you can always give to another Thor Minimate (I know you have more than one!). Plus his two faces are generic enough to be used as civilians or other characters.

#2. Avengers Hulk

DST is getting better and better at bulking up figures. I think that Avengers Hulk is their best bulked up Minimate yet. And since he isn’t armored, these pieces can be used as a base for any other large figure. Plus it is also nice to have a few messy hairpieces in your parts bin.

#1. Chris Redfield

This might seem like a strange choice for #1, but bear with me. He has short-sleeved, flesh colored arms with fingerless gloves. I have needed all of these parts several times in the past year. He has a cool belt, a shoulder harness, and a leg holster. He has a generic face and a hairpiece with a headset. And best of all, he comes with 4 weapons, include a kick ass shotgun. As far as recently released Minimates go, he is at the top of my list.

In 6 months we will have a TON of new Minimate releases, including some very good candidates for a list like this. As long as DST keeps making awesome Minimates, we will always have good custom fodder.


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1 Response

  1. Hellpop says:

    Great post, Luke! I’m always thinking about this kind of thing too. I also tend to hoard parts that I expect to come in handy at a later date; I recently traded for a Chris Renfield knowing that he’ll be useful sometime, even if I don’t have any plans for him now. My only disagreement is that yellow is a much bigger pain in the @$$ to paint then red, IMHO.