Tough Customs: Alpha Centauri


Alpha Centauri, seen in the photo above, is a classic Dr. Who alien from the episodes Curse of Peladon and Monster of Peladon. Although it had a female voice, Alpha was neither male nor female – it was a hermaphrodite hexapod according to the Doctor. Either way, it was going to make for a challenging minimate custom!

Despite having a giant round head, I wanted the figure to still be able to rotate its head like a normal minimate. Looking over my collection for inspiration, I spotted Mysterio, and knew that he would be a perfect base for Alpha.


The top of the cape would be very different for Alpha, so I began by using my belt sander to remove most of the material in this area. I cleaned it up a little bit with some rough sandpaper to remove any large chunks that remained.


I used Apoxie Sculpt to add some additional pieces to the cape. The right side needed more cloth to wrap around Alpha’s arms. The top is slightly modified from the original character design in order to work on a minimate body.


I sculpted a new lower body on top of an existing minimate hip piece. I cleaned up both this sculpt and the one above with sandpaper, starting with a lower grit and moving to a higher grit. I also made sure to sand the bottom of the base to make sure she would stand perfectly balanced, and to make sure the base didn’t scratch my shelves.


For Alpha’s six arms, I knew that six separate arm pieces would not work inside of the cape that I had created. Also, Alpha’s arms tended to move together somewhat (probably due to the low budget man-in-costume creation), and were mostly concealed within the outer cloak. So I came up with the solution you see above. I cut apart two extra arms below the elbow, and super glued them to a normal arm. This arm can still rotate at the shoulder, and looks great in motion.


And here you can see the finished result! Alpha is painted with Citadel paints, and the details are drawn using an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie. Keep an eye on my custom minimates Facebook page, as I will be posting more Doctor Who customs tomorrow!

Also remember to enter the Gruesome Ghosts Writing Contest, where you can win a custom minimate of your choice!

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4 Responses

  1. NorthRaider says:

    I’m not familiar with the character, but you sure did an impressive custom of him/her/it! Simple solutions (like the Mysterio head and the six arms), yet it all came out elegantly in the end 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Wow. That turned out incrdible Luke! Awesome job!

  3. TM2 Dinobot says:

    that’s really cool

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