Tough Customs: Sentinel Base Part 1

Back in November I posted an article called Custom Failures that showed my attempt to add articulation to the Minimates Max Sentinel statue. Left only with several broken pieces, I decided to make a Battle Damaged Sentinel base. Seven months later, I have finally started on this project.

My first step was to decide the size and scope of this project. I wanted a base that would show five or six X-Men standing atop a decimated Sentinel. I would use lego pegs in the sculpt in several places to help pose the minimates. At one point I considered adding LED eyes, but ever since my second son was born I have been unable to find the time or space to do any LED projects.

I opened up my lego bin and started looking for pieces to use for the base. I found two thick, long blue base pieces that formed a square when put together. These would perfectly fit the Sentinel’s head, torso, and one leg. I built legos up around the Sentinel parts in order to minimize the amount of Super Sculpey I would have to use. I attached the Sentinel parts to the base using some thick plumber’s glue, and then I glued the legos together with super glue.


I softened my Super Sculpey by kneading it, and then I began pressing it into the gaps around the figure. Once I had some of the sculpey laid down, I placed seven individual lego pieces around the Sentinel to use as minimate stands. Then I continued adding sculpey around these pieces, and spreading it out towards the sides of the base. At this point I am not interested in adding any detail. I merely want to define the shape of the terrain.


My plan is to create a terrain that looks like a modern battlefield, with scorched earth and jagged pieces of splintered metal. The Sentinel will be half-buried in rocks and dirt from the force of his collision with the ground. There will also be wires coming out of the Sentinel’s arm and leg sockets. The only visible lego pieces will be the tops of the seven stands.

Check back in a few days for Part 2 of Tough Customs: Sentinel Base, where I will finish the sculpting and painting, and reveal the completed diorama.

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6 Responses

  1. Captain Minimate says:

    Dude, that is ridiculously awesome. Great base, I can see the X-Men on top of that guy’s body!

  2. brobotc says:

    you should use the dremmel tool to make it look cut up.

  3. karamazov80 says:

    Great idea to deal with the messed up Sentinel, Luke. Can’t wait to see how this all progresses!

  4. groundhog7s says:

    That looks awesome. You should screw up more ideas if this is how you recover from the experience.

  5. EkoMebelcom says:

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  6. Shamrock says:

    This is gonna be great.
    Do you have the other pieces still?
    When you finish you could make a smaller set of bases that attach or go next to it that could hold maybe 1 or two minimates each on a torn up hand or some such.