Tough Customs: Sentinel Base Part 2

Last week I showed you how I built up a lego base around my broken Sentinel, and filled in the gaps with Super Sculpey. Today I will show the finished product.

After filling in the gaps, my next step was to sculpt all of the detail on top of this clay base. I imagined that this Sentinel was hurled into the ground at enormous speed. His body was torn apart by the impact, and it was driven into the ground hard enough to rip apart underground pipe work and large boulders.

Other than my fingers, my primary tools were a toothpick and a hobby knife. After sculpting the details, I gathered many small, loose parts from my parts bin, and started jamming the appropriate pieces down into the clay. I made sure to include wired sticking out of his broken limbs.

I took a few pictures of the project at this stage, but unfortunately they did not turn out. So I will skip ahead to the painting stage.

Click to view larger image

Click to view larger image

The image above shows the base after a few coats of paint. I started by painting everything black. Then I dry brushed two lighter shades of gray onto the stones, and brown onto the earth. All pipes, debris, and wired were painted chrome to give the piece a consistent look. I used a fine sable haired brush to paint black battle damage details onto the Sentinel himself.

Next I wanted to make the Sentinel’s head look more unique.


I used my drill to hollow out one of the Sentinel’s eyes. I sanded the inside of this eye socket, and then painted it black. I cut several short lengths of silver twisty ties and placed them in the hole at different angles along with a drop of super glue.

After a few more paint touch ups, I arrived at my finished base. Click any image below to view a larger version:






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2 Responses

  1. Captain Minimate says:

    Luke, you fricking genius. That is one of your most impressive customs by far!!

    Great work! 😀

  2. Stephen says:

    Nice! 😉 Too bad the “Arculated Sentinel Statue” thing didn’t work.
    But on the bright side… it made a great X-Men base.