Applying Minimate Sticker Decals

Multiple Man

Multiple Man

This guide will describe how to apply sticker decals onto your minimates , making your customs look as professional as possible. Go ahead and pick out the decals you want from our gallery, or use your own, and print them on inkjet sticker paper or laser sticker paper, depending on what kind of printer you have. The decals in our gallery are automatically sized correctly for printing, but you should print a test page first on plain paper, just in case your printer is set to shrink or expand the graphics. When you are ready to print on the sticker paper, in your printer settings, try printing on the “Plain Paper” setting first. If this does not produce good results, try “Thick” or “OHP Transparency”, or a similar setting for glossy coated paper. You do not need to seal the stickers with clear coat before using, like you would with waterslide decal paper (which we no longer recommend).

Keep all sticker designs 1/2” from the edge of the paper, as this paper can occasionally have small wrinkles form at the edge of the paper after printing. This paper can also curl slightly after printing, so make sure to store it someplace flat.

Now that you have your decals printed, pick one decal to start with and cut inside the black border with a sharp hobby knife or scissors. If it is a dark colored sticker, use a sharpie along all edges of the sticker, otherwise the white edges of the paper will be visible on the figure. Prior to applying the sticker, wipe off the minimate surface so that there are no tiny pieces of dust.  You will not be able to reposition the sticker once it has been applied, so get the sticker in the correct position before lowering it onto the surface, using the edge as a guide.

Face decals are easier to apply from the top down. After peeling off the sticker, hold it above the Minimate head, and push it down onto the head from the middle of the sticker with your thumb, and then finish wrapping it around the sides of the head.

Good luck and email me if you have any questions!


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