Working with Apoxie and Fixit Sculpt

Apoxie and Fixit Sculpt

Fixit Sculpt is made by Aves Studio, the same company that makes Apoxie Sculpt. Both of these sculpting clays are amazing, and are my top recommended clays for Minimate use. Fixit Sculpt has a slight advantage over Apoxie Sculpt in that it has stronger internal fibers, so it can hold up complex shapes, like Carnage’s tendrils. However it only comes in one color, while Apoxie Sculpt comes in a variety of colors. Both clays can do fine details, and can be spread out thin without losing much strength. They can be sculpted directly onto the Minimate body, since they use a chemical compound to cure them.

You get about 30 minutes of working time, and the sculpt is completely cured in 8 hours. Both clays are almost unusable for the first five minutes. During that time they are very loose and sticky, and then they starts to firm up. You have to keep kneading it for 5 minutes and then you will be ready to work with it.

While you are working with these clays, you can smooth out the surface using water. To help shape the surface, in addition to your fingers you can use toothpicks, hobby knives, and flat surfaces to achieve your desired sculpt.

After it cures, make sure to check out our Guide to Sanding for tips on finishing your sculpts. For more detailed sculpting tips, check out our tutorial on How to Sculpt Minimate Hair.

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