Two Free Decal Packs!

The Downloads section of this site is now live and desperately waiting to be clicked in the top menu bar. There you will find two new decal packs with enough decals to create 17 new minimates. I would also like to ask for submissions from other decal artists out there. Winkerbean has already offered his designs, and the decal pack from Minimate Headquarters is already on the Downloads page. Together we can make this an incredible resource for the minimate community.

I am currently working on a tutorial video for putting on those tricky wrap-around face decals. That will be posted on Thursday. I am also starting work on a tutorial for creating your own decals (and hopefully submitting them here!).

Today I ordered a pack of bake-on waterslide decals that are supposed to be more durable than the standard waterslide decals. I also ordered some rub-on decals to try. I will post impressions here once I am able to play around with these.

So until next time, may your brush be steady, and may your paint go on smoothly.

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5 Responses

  1. Deadpool says:

    I don’t see the download section anywhere! Help! 😀

    Seriously though, am I just stupid? well, I know I am, but am I THAT stupid?

  2. Luke314pi says:

    Sorry about that, it should be working now in the top menu bar.

  3. Minifiend UK says:

    Great stuff now nick fury is going to be even rarer 🙂

  4. Luke314pi says:

    I plan on using the BSG uniformed minimates without their chestpieces. Then you would only need a little white paint here and there. 🙂

  5. Jatta Pake says:

    I’m working on another decal sheet fore everyone too! I think you may have started something Luke!