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5 Minute Custom: Baxter Stockman

The Playmates Baxter Stockman figure is perfectly in scale with the TMNT Minimates – all he needs is a Minimate head! This is a very easy custom to make, and it can be completed...


Molding and Casting: Part 2

When we last left off, we had a one-part rubber mold that was ready for pouring casts. Here in Part 2, it’s time to pour one!


Molding and Casting: Part 1

Want to make copies of your sculpted creations? Molding and casting might be the answer! Basically you make a rubber mold of your part, and then make as many resin copies as you want. Here...

Minimates Paint Rub

Avoiding Paint Rub on Custom Minimates

  Paint rub is what happens when you paint a Minimate joint, only to have the paint rub off when you move the joint. This is a common problem with almost all types of...

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