Author: Luke Porter

Case Study: Mr. Monster

Earlier this Spring, I received a commission order for two Mr. Monster minimates, a monster-fighting hero created by Michael Gilbert. The order was very specific that these two minimates had to be identical. This...

Tough Customs: Sentinel Base Part 1

Back in November I posted an article called Custom Failures that showed my attempt to add articulation to the Minimates Max Sentinel statue. Left only with several broken pieces, I decided to make a Battle Damaged Sentinel base. Seven months later, I have finally started on this project. 🙂

Guide to Sanding

After you have finished sculpting a piece, or modifying an existing piece, the next step is to sand the hell out of it. I usually start with a 100 grit sandpaper to shape the surface and remove any lumps that happened while sculpting. It is important to have a good light source, like a desk lamp, that you can hold your custom up to and look at it from multiple directions.