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Light-Up Iron Man Video

After I finished my Human Torch, I knew my second LED project would be a light-up Iron Man flight stand. This time I recorded a video during the entire process. Even if you are not ready to tackle your own LED project, it should be fun to watch this piece created in four-and-a-half minutes.

Review: Helping Hands

I picked up this set of Helping Hands at the hobby shop the other day for $14. It features two alligator clamps and a magnifying glass, all on adjustable arms that move in any direction. The base is pretty heavy, so it won’t move around on you. The whole thing feels very solid. Click the title to read the rest of my impressions.

More LED Tips

I thought I would provide a few more tips in case you wanted to tackle an LED project of your own. It is a time consuming process, but there is nothing quite like seeing the minimate light up when you are all finished. Click the title to read

Tough Customs: Light-Up Human Torch

I have always wanted to try putting LEDs in minimates, so having this website is a perfect excuse to do it! Prior to this weekend, I hadn’t touched a soldering iron in over eight years. I decided my first project would be to light up the Human Torch from the Invaders set. It was definitely a learning experience, and there are some things I would do differently the second time around.