Category: Customs

80 Customs: A Minimate Wedding

My friend Sean commissioned my largest customizing project ever: 80 minimates for his wedding back in November 2011. I just received some photos from the wedding photographer, and I thought I would make a...

The Making of King Shakooth

King Shakooth (pictured above) was my entry into the Charitymates 5 customizing event. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of a character I wanted to make. I knew it had to be a tournament...

Tough Customs: The Diva

As you might have seen, I made a set of Fifth Element customs for CustomCon 27, including Korben Dallas, Leeloo, Zorg, and Diva blah, the star of this article. She was definitely the most challenging minimate in the set, and I took some pictures of her during her creation, so I could show you exactly how she was created.