Comparing Inkjet Sticker Paper

Last year we experimented with several brands of inkjet sticker paper in order to find the best inkjet-based solution for Minimates. We finally settled on the our Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper that we currently carry in our store. Recently, we heard from youbastards over at MMV about another type of inkjet sticker paper that we missed the first time around – Glossy Photo Adhesive Paper by Papilio. I ordered a pack to experiment with, and here are the results:

I printed Silver Banshee stickers using both the Inkjet Vinyl Sticker Paper (which I will call the matte paper from now on) and the Glossy Photo Adhesive Paper (which I will call the glossy paper). Both papers captured the details beautifully, and my cheap inkjet printer had no problems with the paper. The Minimate on the left uses the matte paper, and the one on the right is the glossy paper.

The glossy paper is quite thick compared to the matte paper. After applying it on the Minimate, it is easier to notice that a sticker is on the surface. Also, when wrapping it around a Minimate head, the thickness prevents it from staying in place in the back. But a little super glued fixes this. The matte paper stays in place quite well, even better than the laser paper we used last year (more details on our new laser paper coming soon).

Minimates usually have a semi-gloss finish. If you are picky about that sort of thing, the matte paper is too matte, and the glossy paper is too glossy. In person, the extra gloss is more noticeable than the lack of gloss. This effect can be evened out by spraying the matte stickers with semi-gloss clear acrylic paint, or matte paint (sometimes called dull coat) for the glossy stickers. In the end, I prefer the matte paper, and I will be sticking with that for our store. But the glossy paper looks beautiful, and with a little of the clear spray mentioned above, I think it can make some great customs as well.

UPDATE: It looks like youbastards was actually using the Glossy Adhesive Film, as opposed to the paper. He is sending me a sample to try, and I will post an update once I am able to experiment with it!

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